Hi Philips, here are some campaigns I made for initiatives in healthcare. The first is a personal initiative I started after hearing my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The others involve commissioned work.

recover in style

One out of three women with breast cancer undergoes a breast amputation. After surgery, a medical drain is installed for the drainage of wound fluids. Recovering from surgery at home, many women still wear the transparent bottle with bodily fluids with them. The drainbag helps women in these difficult times to somehow pick up their lives again and recover in style. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, we managed to deliver 100 reclyclable Drainbags to 6 hospitals in the Netherlands.

Designs by Loes Glas, Tesj! and Inge Schmitt with space for holding one Redovac 600cc drain bottle.

Leonie, Anna and Marja tell about the recovery from their breast amputation.

samen zijn we zinnig bezig

VGZ is a leading cooperative insurer who wants to ensure that health care in the Netherlands remains affordable by embracing ‘sensible care’: better patient care at lower cost, by stimulating innovation and reducing waste. From discussions with directors, managers and employees, it became apparent that the people who work at VGZ already contribute to these ideals every day, but that they don’t always realise it. This insight provides the spark for an overarching communication concept: ‘Samen zijn we zinnig bezig’ (Together we’re sensibly busy.) An important aspect of the concept is that employees thank eachother for what they do. This begins at the top of the organisation, with directors seeking out people with exceptional stories that deserve to be put in the spotlight. And lead to a stream of stories throughout the organisation in words and film, online, with professional portrait photographs.

Medewerkers thank eachother with a small token Posters appear in the offices Entrance of VGZ head office Arnhem

ons hart voor zinnige zorg

Coöperatie VGZ’s employees were proud of the results and eachother. To celebrate this, the company decided to record its employees’ ‘sensible’ efforts in a fun-to-read book brimming with meaningful stories. Titled ‘Our heart for sensible care’, the book provides a way for Coöperatie VGZ staff to showcase their passion for sensible care, both to each other and to every person in the Netherlands. So everyone begins to love sensible care.

every scar tells a story

For years, the plastic surgeons of Brandwondencentrum Beverwijk made their own scar tissue ointment. Great results and reviews made them decide to make the product available to all Dutch people. Together with video producer FFWD, I made a couple of reality based videos for the introduction of Staudt in the ETOS pharmacy chain.
Commercial Joyce

Commercial Joost